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Russia is the World Teams Champion!
r9newAfter yesterday everyone's expectation was that Russia wins easily today against Egypt and with that the tournament too but a final drama was needed! The lowest seed, Egypt managed to give their much higher opponent a scare when after a dubious sacrifice by Ezat Kramnik played very carelessly allowing his opponent to get a winning position.

On the other boards the score was 2-1, the decider coming from the Russia's top scorer Nepomniachtchi again, so a win by Ezat would result in a match draw! Just like against Ukraine, Egypt came close to the point once again; only to fail at the very end. Ezat didn't play as precise as he should and when Kramnik managed to push his pawn to a7 and exchange the king side pawns the position became equal and even became a little dangerous for Ezat but finally the game resulted in a draw. By barely beating Egypt with the score 2,5-1,5 Russia became thus the champion, a very important result for them after years without a success in team championships. Congratulations to the Russian team for their fine showing and championship title!

The second place was China's who won against Turkey 3-1 today although they finished the tournament with the same number of points as Ukraine. That is due to the fact that China gathered more points on individual boards compared to the Ukrainian team. Ukraine, who were leading for most of the tournament had a tough opponent, Armenia, in the final round but still they managed to beat them 2,5-1,5 to get the third place thanks to the fine win of Korobov on second board.

Starting with the medal winners Russia, China and Ukraine we congratulate all teams for their efforts and wonderful games they created on the board. It's been a wonderful championship, rich in chess content and it was a joy for chess fans to follow all those hard battles on the chessboard between world's finest players.

The closing ceremony will be broadcasted live at 7 pm today. See you all in another tournament!
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