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The Closing Ceremony
IMG 1582With the closing ceremony today, 2013 World Team Chess Championship has come to an end. With a quite fine dinner, your reporter must confess.
Closing Ceremony - Live
DuyuruDear Guests;

The closing ceremony will be broadcasted live at 7 pm.

Russia is the World Teams Champion!
r9newAfter yesterday everyone's expectation was that Russia wins easily today against Egypt and with that the tournament too but a final drama was needed! The lowest seed, Egypt managed to give their much higher opponent a scare when after a dubious sacrifice by Ezat Kramnik played very carelessly allowing his opponent to get a winning position.
A Happy Day for Mother Russia
r8At one point everything was going well for Ukraine and the sun was shining upon the inventors of tasty chicken kievski. But one should never rule the Russians out in any sports event, especially if that event is a chess one. Going into the final round, clouds over Russia disappeared and the Siberian cold arrived to the shores of Black Sea. How this has happened is the main topic of today's report.
No Surprises(but a near one)
rrr7Coming to the end of the championship, things are heating up. Today there were no surprises, but one match came very close to being a huge one and some very one-sided scores in others were a little bit unexpected. Especially Ukraine's coach must have sweated a lot today! But all is well for Ukraine, at least for now.
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